Emmitsburg Resolutions for 2007

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Emmitsburg Maryland 2007 resolutions in no particular order.

1. Ordinance on boarding houses in residential zoned districts.
2. Comprehensive accounting report for FY2006 published.
3. Budget surplus/deficit FY2006 for Town reported.
4. Budget surplus/deficit for FY2006 Water/Sewer enterprise reported.
5. Mid year report on FY2007 budget progress with projected surplus/deficit.
6. Water Supply Capacity Management Plan due Nov 2005, completed and submitted to MDE.
7. Budget completed and public comments considered before meeting to approve SEPARATELY Town budget and Water/sewer budget and capital improvement plans.
8. Commissioners and Mayor begin Blogs.
9. APFO approved.
10.Improved and rationalized water sewer rates to enable fair and equitable water bills.
11. Streetscape repair and beautifying grants and very significant cost reduction estimates
12. Extending fire sprinkler systems to multi-unit apartment buildings via tax and grant
13.Keep Gateway to Emmitsburg roundabout at silo hill on 5 year agenda.
14. Set in motion a four year plan for celebrating the run up to 2010 225th Anniversary of the 1785 plat recording of “The Town of Emmitsburg”.
15. Continue planning for Comprehensive plan for Emmitsburg and County Comprehensive Thurmont region plan.
What do you want to add to the Towns Resolutions for 2007?



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And a healthy and prosperous new year. It looks like Emmitsburg.net is being joined in the conversation about Emmitsburg Maryand by emmitsburgdispatch.com, ,

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