Emmitsburg Lions Scholarships

January 12, 2007 at 6:16 am | Posted in Emmitsburg, Lions | Leave a comment

The Community Foundation deadline for application is March 1, 2007.

Summary of the steps to a valid application and timeline for applicants to follow.

  • This is subject to change as of 1/15/07. Look for new instructions by 1/20/07
  • 1. Complete and submit by March 1, 2007 an acceptable application for the Community Foundation Scholarships.

    Inform the applicants that to be eligible for all (Morningstar, Gauss and Prongas) Emmitsburg Lions Scholarships they must have submitted an application that is acceptable to the Community Foundation and is eligible to be judged for the Community Foundation Scholarships. (Our club will check with the Community Foundation to verify eligiblity)

    2. Complete and submit an application to Emmitsburg Lions Scholarship Committee following local guidelines as they appear on the emmitsburg.net/lions web site.

    3. Must be postmarked by March 1, 2007

    4. Judging


    6. Awarding checks.

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