Signs in Emmitsburg

February 9, 2007 at 1:26 pm | Posted in Emmitsburg, Laying it the line ;-) | Leave a comment

Hi. Some ideas for the P & Z

1. I think that lighted Coke and Pepsi machines (and similar) violate all sign ordinances that the town has. They are lighted, they are huge. They are unregulated signage. What would keep a business owner or home owner from placing a Coke machine on the sidewalk (their sidewalk?)and then replace the front of the Coke machine with their own sign? Nothing!! I checked with Nevin Topper at Coke in Frederick and he said they have made modifications of the signage as requested by some entities.
Also the business owner could buy a surplus Coke machine, replace the coke sign with their sign and be perfectly legal.

2. Air rights over sidewalks? If the town continues to say that the SHA has dominion from curb to curb on Main Street and the property owner has been ceded by the town the care and maintenance of the sidewalk in front of their property then I believe air rights over sidewalks is legal and in fact several examples of balcony’s and even living space such as Reckleys Plumbing exist. Is this a problem to be resolved by P and Z? Will main street property owners begin to make Emmitsburg’s Main Street look like New Orleans French Quarter streetscape?
I know of at least two balconies torn down . One next to the Methodist Church on the right and one over the old movie theater sidewalk.

3. What rights do newspapers enjoy as to placement of their “for profit newspaper boxes” advertisement on town property or in front of homes? I do not believe that selling newspapers is a right to place advertising boxes to sell newspapers any place that they so desire. Can every homeowner on main street place a newspaper box, a real estate box etc on the sidewalk in front of their home?

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