Emmitsburg Water Committee

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Here is an update for the new Emmitsburg water committee member.

“Hi Gary, Welcome to our Emmitsburg Water Committee!!

Commissioner Joyce Rosensteel forwarded your message and she asked me to email you with some info.

Some links: http://emmitsburgwater.pbwiki.com/EMMITSBURG%20WATER%20SEWER%20ENTERPRISE


FYI you could ask Jenna Ott to send you email copies of our minutes of previous meetings. And the minutes are also available in the town office.

Catherine Forrence of the Planning and Zoning Commission has an intense interest in how surface water, well water, reservior water will relate to new requirements by the State of Md when it comes to planning for growth of Emmitsburg and surrounding community. She has up to date information as to laws coming in 2008 and how towns must assure the state that they actually have the water sewer capacity to grow town sizes.

Commissioner Rosensteel has a copy of the data that Jef Fitzgerald (former Emmitsburg contract engineer) provided at the last town council meeting related to the water plant and sewer plant operations. Very very interesting.

Mr. Fitzgeralds data indicates that the capacity to produce finished water by the new water plant (less 20% for reserve) has already been exceeded. The sewer system still is exceeding its capacity to process water any time it rains or snows. Construction of new sewer lines is under way but the new Little Run sewer pipe did exactly nothing to the wild water getting in the sewer system.

Emmsitburg is under a MDE consent decree and as such must report to the MDE a completed Water Supply Capacity Management Plan (WSCMP) by November each year. The water committee through Commissioner Rosensteel has requested a copy of the completed WSCMP but none has been supplied to the committee unless Commissioner Rosensteel has received it recently.”

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