Emmitsburg Town Meeting

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March 19 2007
The town managers report for the month of February 2007.
The towns water plant produced and bought from Mt. St Marys 348,069 GPD. Of that total only 325,399 GPD was delivered to the towns customers. Backwash water for the filters consumed 6.5% of the total produced and purchased.
The towns maximum water treatment capacity is 432,000 GPD.
The wastewater plant treated 429,000 GPD and the consumption was 325,399 GPD or 24% was “Wildwater” or inflitration and inflow into the sewer system from outside sources.

There were no raw sewerage spills in the month and the sewer plants design capacity was exceeded on three days. The design capacity is 800,000 GPD.

The Police report included the special enforcement inspection of trucks through Emmitsburg . Later in the meeting Catherine Forrence was lauded for her efforts to encourage SHA to inspect trucks passing through Main Street Emmitsburg. It was also suggested that the Town become more involved with SHA and traffic through Emmitsburg.

Agenda items included a formal presentation of the Town audit for FY 2006 ending June 30, 2006 by Michelle Mills of Draper & McGinley.

The Mayor asked for and the Commissioners approved several budget transfers in FY 2007 budget line items.

The towns snow removal policy was again discussed and remanded to the Streets Committe for study tonight March 20, 2007. The most contentious item is whether all streets in Emmitsburg be snow emergency/ no parking streets when snow falls as it was a year ago or to remain the same as it is now or to modify this years snow removal policy.

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  1. Streets & Transportation Committee met last night and voted to recommend parking changes on DePaul Street, East of Federal Avenue during a snow event. The Committee recommends the Council adopt a policy whereas the town post signage banning parking on one side of the street. The committee also weighed-in, preliminary, on proposed agenda item to add parking meters on West Main Street.

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