Sago and Buckhannon WV

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Having visited Buckhannon last week I to can attest to the contents of this article written in the Cumberland Times by a columnist who lived near where I was born and grew up. I passed the Sago Road several times (thousands?) as I grew and went to 16 years of schooling plus 5 years teaching in Gassaway WV before moving to Frederick County Maryland in 1966.
So now all I have to do to tell someone where I am originally from I just say Sago, and they know!

I too experience the contents of the following quote everytime I visit my Mother in Buckhannon.

Mountaineers are known for their hospitality, their friendliness and their willingness to help others. Buckhannon was where I learned the true meaning of courtesy. I thought it an anomaly, the first time the car in front of me stopped and its driver waved out into traffic another driver who was waiting patiently on a side street. But then it happened again, and again.

It was a way of life. When traffic was at its worst, drivers would always take a few seconds and perform this kindness.

I’ve tried to carry it away with me, to all the places I’ve been since then, but I don’t always do a very good job. But when I do, I think of Buckhannon.

Also I believe what the author says in the article that Mountaineers are only separated by 2 or 3 degrees of separation due to the small population. (No WV jokes please 😉

When WV natives meet they have a knowing look as if a member of a secret society, a contented feeling of comradeship of having the same roots that grounded you in a way that continues within you no matter where you go or what you become.

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