Apple Mac Newbie Hints

March 25, 2007 at 11:22 am | Posted in Apple Inc, Mac Hints | Leave a comment

Originally I was very excited to use Firefox. I would tell every Internet Explorer user to change immediately as firefox was so much better. Clean simple and it had tabs which IE only added recently after a 5 year development upgrade from IE 6 to IE 7.

Safari has spell check in the menu bar select (click) “edit” drop down to “spelling” and then choose from the three options. I like ‘check spelling as you type’ which underlines in red the word mispeled 😉

For just starting to get acquainted with a mac I suggest trying out the mac just as it came out of the box.

Here are two hints for using a scroll mouse. 1. Right click on some word that is misspelled and up pops possible spellings. I now am so spoiled by right clicking on almost anything for spelling that my brain spelling is getting rusty! Right clicking also brings up all kinds of commands that provide shortcuts to useful actions. When in doubt right click on it.

2. If you have “older eyes” try this: hold down the ‘control’ key and operate the scroll wheel on the mouse forward and back. Enjoy!

Bonus: You want the definition of a word. Hover the mouse cursor over the word; then hold down the ‘control’ key and the cmd key AT THE SAME TIME keeping them both pressed down then press and let go the ‘D’ key and up will pop the definition!!

Bounus number 2: This is neat; keeping the cmd and control key down and moving the cursor over the words in what you are reading and each definition will pop up as you move the mouse cursor over each word.

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