Frederick County Commissioners step toe in the 21st Century

March 27, 2007 at 8:00 am | Posted in Emmitsburg, Frederick, Laying it the line ;-) | Leave a comment

Commissioner Hagen;
Wow, thank you for getting webcasts going:-). I suggested this in an email to the the former (and present commissioners remaining) probably a year ago when the cable franchise was being discussed. Also Emmitsburg has a $30,000 system that only broadcasts to cable subscribers; which by the way is going down as satellite dishes proliferate. Perhaps this service should be offered to all municipalities streaming to Frederick county’s server over EDVO (as is doing) and have the same live stream as Frederick will have.
I also suggested that perhaps CEO Charley Ergen of Dish network might be able to offer Frederick county space on one of their satellites to fulfill their public service obligations. They can narrowcast to certain zip codes and black out the rest of the country. Same goes for Direct TV.
Also it seems to me that when and if Comcast is allowed to wire (fiber) the county so should AT&T and Verizon FIOS be allowed to wire simultaneously.
Or WI MAX and Broadband over Power lines should be allowed also just as broadband over telephone wires now.
Also any county franchise should require that any county resident who request service from anywhere in the county should be served by some means. Otherwise the franchisees will just “cherry pick” the easiest to serve and leave the rest of the county residents unserved.

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