Mac and (we don’t do)Windows

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Bob and other readers of the PC Mac forum on
Great advice and yes so many stories of PC (windows) users switching and are very happy they did.
Of course now if they want to they can use Parallels on the Mac to switch back to XP or now even Vista but as I read yesterday someone said “but why would they want to do that?” Maybe to play a game. “If you have work to do get a Mac, if you want to play get a PC”

I have opened an Apple store account and have used it to buy my 2 macs since OS X became standard. Yes they charge “list” but the “mother ship” has great service. and are two apple sites to check out also.

Yes email the other members listed on the info page of They have great ideas and help.

If you come early to the FAC meeting April 14th you can get help and advice. Also the meeting is a “celebration” of the 30th Anniversary of Apple Computer incorporation (April 1, 1977) with vintage apple products on display. Fun!! I wish I had kept my Apple 2C and my Apple IIe and my Mac Plus and my Mac SE and my SE 30 …… oh well my wife said “clean up” and I am glad I did except for occasions like this meeting.

You may email me at oj dot martin at yahoo dot com for answers to your questions or if I can’t email some other FAC members.

Yahoo is my newest web email address and my first use of Yahoo email and I would am trying it out as Yahoo is trying some new uses for email account holders and developers.

This just in: has a great article on various browsers for the Mac.

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