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Almost everyday I read blog posts that simply stun me with the heart and soul that the authors put into their stories.
Their ability to write makes my writing look anemic and shallow. The breadth of their knowledge and the art of writing is just outstanding. SigmundCarlandAlfred is one such blog a blog no less!

One example today was so touching. It was about a grandfather and a grandson and the lessons the grandson absorbed from his Grandfather.

This post by the same author is even better!! Just read this paragraph.

“The ‘miracles’ that have become a part of our daily lives are miracles we can see and touch. In fact, there are so many miracles, that we might come to believe that only miracles that we can see and touch are truly valid and real miracles. We forget that sometimes, the miracles can and do extend beyond those which we cannot see and touch. Those are the miracles of our destinies, that remain within God’s purview.”

Another writer Sharonlyn of s.m.ART , wordpress blog! has written for newspapers in the San Francisco area. Just read her. You won’t regret it. BTW she returned to WV (my home state). Just read her recent post entitled “elegy”

Here is a sample paragraph

“It was a relative who would ask me, a few weeks later, over our usual dinner at the diner after Sunday morning church services, if I knew that Jeannie had passed. I dropped my fish sandwich and cried out, “Jeannie?” as if she had just gotten up and left the room, and I could still plead with her not to go. I covered my face with my hands. There was the longest silence. I couldn’t say anything and no one could think of anything to say. I bowed over my plate, trying to recover myself. It took several minutes.”

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