Emmitsburg Sidewalks

April 15, 2007 at 10:30 am | Posted in Emmitsburg, Laying it the line ;-) | 1 Comment

Main Street Project intention was to renovate Main Street underground infrastructure, add new sidewalks, new street lights, level the parking spaces and plant trees to beautify the streetscape.

The trees when small were well trimmed, easily maintained and made the street look great.
Later as they grew, trees became a liability.
1. Birds nesting in them and soiling the sidewalk.
2. Flowers blooming making a sickening stench.
4. Fruit falling and being crushed underfoot making an unsightly mess.
5. Leaves making sidewalks slick and clogging the curb drainage and fillling the stormwater traps.
6. The tree leaves block the effective range of the light from the street lamps making much of the sidewalk at night not illuminated.
7. Trees growing so big the limbs are scraping houses creating noise and possible damage from scratching or even falling.
8. And worst of all the concrete slab sidewalks being raised and ruined and creating a hazard.

As part of the sidewalk replacement propery owners were given the option to brick the sidewalk in front of their property. Also property owners were allowed to nix the planting of trees in front of their property.

The positive side of the streetscape renovation.
1. When blooming the trees are beautiful.
2. The trees shade mitigates heat from the street in summer.
3. Property owners and garden clubs plant the area around each tree with flowers or ground cover.
4. Those who chose brick sidewalks have beauty and no problems with raised concrete slabs.

In conclusion I just today noticed that the oldest brick sidewalk in Emmitsburg has been replaced by a piece of concrete.
I was going to photo document the brick before it was to be dug up. I missed and now its gone forever.
I even tried to get the Mayor (who said brick was dangerous and that the town was paying for the replacement for the property owner) and later the property owner to either save the brick or replace the brick with another new brick sidewalk.



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  1. I totally disagree with #1-7 and the trees have nothing to do with the concrete slabs being lifted. If you want to talk about preservation…the trees cut down during the streescape project were 3 times the size of those currently planted.
    A local reporter complained about acorns falling from trees in Frederick City. Stop and think about that for a minute. Talk about not seeing the forest through the trees!

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