Comcast Cable vs Satellite Service

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“Satellite is (presently) the only competitor in Frederick County to Comcast.”

With the exception of local access channels such as County govt. and Mt. St Marys and Emmitsburg public access I get (almost) every program that cable offers and programming that cable does not carry.
And the County Commissioners are seeking alternative ways to broadcast their meetings to non cable subscribers such as streaming video using broadband DSL, or storing video of their meetings on computer servers for downloading or providing DVD recordings of the meetings such as Emmitsburg Govt. is now providing.

I have been a satellite customer (Dish network) since 1996. Satellite was the only way I could get non-broadcast programming such as ESPN or HBO etc.
Frederick Cable was asked, but would not build cable to my house because cable companies only “cherry pick” the best and easiest areas to service.

Ironically cable tv companies receive much of their programming by satellite and Comcast then for example sends the signals by microwave, coax or fiber to Thurmont and Emmitsburg.

Dish Network and Direct TV have no cable or coax infrastructure needed to get the signal to homes. Comcast has typical maintenance that electric and telephone companies have such as damage to electric, telephone and cable from storms or accidents.

Dish Network service has been 99.9% perfect for me for more than 10 years. Perfect DIGITAL crystal clear picture with only an occasional extremely heavy rain causing a 5 minute outage.

FCC requirements on satellite companies do exist. These requirements as one example require condo associations and satellite installers to cooperate on the most optimium dish location on the condo.
Optimum dish location in Frederick county means having a unblocked, clear view of the south west sky at an elevation of 30-34 degrees.
(Hint: An easy way to determine a dish location at your home is find a location, on the ground if possible, with no obstructions blocking the sunlight causing a shadow at about 3:30PM. Another easy way is to look at your neighbors dish at that time of day when the sunlight is “right down the barrel” as indicated by the shadow of the receiving arm centered on the dish. Your home’s proposed dish location will be the same configuration .)

Also the FCC weighed in very strongly on a proposed merger of Dish and Direct TV.
After considerable public comment and industry comment the FCC ruled a merger would lessen competition so the answer was NO to Dish and Direct TV merging.

Cable companies have been allowed by the FCC, mega mergers and buyouts for years. The reason Comcast is so huge is the number of cable companies they have bought or merged such as the Adelphia acquisition

To summerize satellite service:
I get more programming for less money with perfect DIGITAL picture 99.9% of the time. So how is your cable service?

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