World War II Memorial

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Look at these pictures of the World War II Memorial that I took yesterday.

Very touching wreaths especially one that was from a High School Class of 1944 with a picture of a young man, probably from his high school year book. He most probably was killed in action…..

Then I think of the 14,000,000 men and women (they were referred to as ‘the boys’ and girls’) 10% of the United States population served in uniform during WW II. Kids really, college age kids operating airplanes, tanks, jeeps, slogging through jungles, mud, landings on beaches, all to secure our “Shining City on the Hill” the beacon to this day to people to strive to come to our country and live with the blessings, that we so take for granted.

They the “Greatest Generation” and all the other wars veterans, fought the great fight for us and gave the supreme , ultimate sacrifice that we may now enjoy freedoms unimaginable to most of the rest of the World.
Then I think of the Code Pink Rally, that I saw on the Washington Mall. It was located just around the bend of the Washington monument from the WW II memorial. They were there with their “Impeach Cheany”, there with the signs “Bush Lied” “Impeach them both”. They had a pair of tables on the sidewalk on the mall with bumper stickers and buttons for sale.
See this post on who lied.
I thought, “Is this a great country or what?” What a juxtaposition, Code Pink rally within walking distance of the WW II memorial; that conflict that allowed and saved for all the “Code Pinks” and their ilk, in this country the right to assemble and say what they wanted without fear of retaliation or tanks dispersing them.

My thoughts then turned to Emmitsburg. The veterans of Emmitsburg living, who continue to serve us today, and the dead that are memorialized on the Doughboy Monument and the American Legion monuments. Also I thought “wow, just last weekend was the project to place over 500 brass markers on the graves of Veterans in all of the Emmitsburg Cemetery!”

Then I think of Emmitsburg’s living WW II veterans who continue to serve us. Two veterans who come to mind are Bob Orner and Bob Myers (there may be others). Both of them still serve us even though they are over 80 years old. They work in the Jubilee Supermarket serving the public, Mr Orner behind the deli counter and Mr Myers stocking shelves.

So if you are in Jubilee some time, give them a hug or just say “Thank you Bob” for doing what you did for us.
So to, thank any veteran you meet for their contribution to retaining our way of life. For without them and their service …………… (complete the sentence with your words and send them by going to and typing in the text box) and I will publish ones I judge “fitting and proper” with your permission. The decision of the judge will be final.

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