Why Blog? Why RSS? Why Google Reader?

May 3, 2007 at 9:18 am | Posted in borderlines, Frederick, Laying it the line ;-), Mac Hints | Leave a comment

Here is a new article on a County Commissioner Blog
from North Carolina, just caught by my google.com/reader.
Link:to site
Perhaps Frederick County Commissioners could have their own personal blogs using wordpress.com? The blog would be easy to maintain by simply copying and pasting their comments that they place on the Kai Hagen site to their blog. One possible commissioner blog name would be as an example; http://www.khagen.wordpress.com.
Commissioners posting to a personal blog might interest more folks to sign up for access to kaihagen.com/caucus.html to read the give and take and the debates on hot button issues.

The RSS online application http://www.google.com/reader is really getting much better. It enables monitoring web sites for new info without using bookmarks or obsessively refreshing to check for the latest news on that web site. (even Frederick county govt and FNP forums have RSS) The news info just flows via google reader aggregating it for me.
If you are not using google reader(online) or another RSS application(desktop) such as Netnewswire lite (its free) or my favorite which costs $18 is Newsfire. (For mac only.)
But since google.com/reader has improved so much I find I use Newsfire less and less. I was able to export all my subscriptions in Newsfire to google reader with no problems.

How to use RSS. Tutorial with video links:

Perhaps I am preaching to the choir here but I had to try out this new feature just added to google reader, which makes it so easy to email an interesting “catch” that my reader just caught, to friends who might be interested in that article.

If you want more info or help with either setting up a wordpress blog or using google.com/reader email me at

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