Sheep Farming

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A recent post on a blog I read, really took me back down memory lane. As a kid growing up, my family raised sheep for a “living” ; not really a living. One of the best memories I have of that time was bringing the sheep in from the pasture to feed them before putting them in the barn. While the ewe’s ate their feed the lambs were busy running around in flocks racing each other and just plain having fun. I liked watching them so much I took some pictures of them and have those pictures somewhere?

Another memory was “shearing day” when the local shearer walked across the hills to the farm carrying his portable , hand cranked , articulated clippers. I along with my cousin and father and uncle would take turns running the crank handle to operate the shears while the “barber” would grab a ewe, sit her on her rump, and begin to shear. First carefully the face then circle the neck so that as he sheared from head to tail the wool would fall away in a white , oily pile which he would then roll into a ball with the nice white wool on the outside and the “dirty” wool on the inside.
This made the wool more saleable at the “wool pool” where all the farmers in Upshur County WV would bring their wool to be graded by color, cleanliness, length of strand etc. to be sold to the highest bidders.

Docking and castrating with tight rubber bands. Nuff said!!

I remember giving the sheep large boluses by taking a hand tool and forcing the mouth open and then taking a large pill with a pair of large tweezers and sticking the pill down the throat of the ewe and then waiting to see if she swallowed it. The pill was for worms I think.

Cleaning out the barn floor each spring after the sheep no longer needed shelter at night. Wow stinking job and a difficult job as a the sheep had tromped the manure and waste hay into a hard packed mass that had to be dug out by great effort.

“Thanks for the memories”

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