Class; Who really has Class?

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One of my favorite bloggers The Anchoress writes :

To cite To Kill A Mocking Bird again, Calpurnia, housekeeper to the Finch family, raised up the children of her so-called “betters” and kept her dignity in the face of a thousand injustices – she had Class. The more privileged ladies at the Missionary tea, eating Atticus Finch’s food while denigrating his work, did not. Money and possessions had absolutely nothing to do with which people were more noble and which less – it had to do with how they regarded others and responded to the world, in general. No matter what your sphere, Class tells.

And perhaps if more people had Class, were raised with the mindset of respectfulness and manners and to the “golden rule” mentality that fell out of favor 30-40 years ago for the preferred victim/resentment mentality of our era, then “class warfare” would be dropped as a means of movement, because it is very destructive; it drags everyone down and elevates no one.

It muddies up the truth that riches do not create happiness, that contentment has more to do with being with and for those you love – and who love you – than in having the latest pair of anything. It also muddies up the other – less convenient, for some – truth, which is that the rich and have their place in the scheme of things. Joseph of Arimethia a rich man with access to people of influence, played his part in the pageant of Salvation just as surely as the widow who gave her last mite.

Rich or poor, what matters is how you deal with and respond to the rest of the world. Beyond that is illusion, distraction and meaninglessness

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