Emmitburg Joint Meeting Commissoners and P & Z

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Meeting began at 7:30 PM May 16th 2007
(This is a delayed live blog of the meeting; subject of correction and revision. Not a transcript. A prototype of “live blogging” from the meeting room via WiFi or Wi Max.)

Emmitsburg Commissioners and Planning and Zoning (click for Picture)

Joyce Rosensteel
Cliff Sweeney
Bill O’Niel
Chris Staiger, Presiding
Glenn Blanchard Commissoner Liason to P & Z

P & Z
Larry Little, Chairman
Tim O’Donnell
Catherine Forrence
Pat Boyle, Alternate

Attorney David Severan made a presentation:

The law is the way it is because “Law of waste and nuisance” caused law suits between neighbors.
Zoning helps take care of conflict by planning compatable neighboring uses.
Land use is best handled at local level.
Zoning is specific tool to implement plan.
Planning involves review of history, valued resources.

Power to regulate
State has police power. (Health Safety Welfare).
State grants to local jurisdictions local authority
State code allows appointment of P & Z to recommend a Comprehensive Plan to the Town Commissioners.
Zoning is law, planning is a guide.

House Bill 1141

1.. How annexations are done; stringent requirements by county.
2. Water resources element. Water Supply Capacity Management Plan
3. Municipal Growth Element. Where to grow? How far out? School impact.
Comission members can plan;
Pattern of infill, density, public services, vision of growth boundry of municipal boundry.

Preparing a plan:
1. Survey the present.
2.. Prediction of growth
3. Send plan to county who has 30 days to respond.
“The county/municipalality shalluse mediation to decide growth pattern..
They have until Oct 2009 to meet all requirements.

Bill O’Niel asked how to plan for neighboring township growth.
General interaction is ok but they will do what PA laws allow.

Summary: Planning is a vision of how a community can anticipate growth and imagine what will be the boundry of the community in 2030,

Question? Can the P and Z ask for engineering studies et al to help with planning? The answer is yes.

(The preceding is not a complete account of the meeting. Just handwritten notes; not typed on computer)
Send corrections to http://www.contactify.com/10012

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