Dems speak the Truth; part II

May 24, 2007 at 12:10 pm | Posted in Hold that line!, Laying it the line ;-), One-liner | Leave a comment

This link tells how the Dems as far back as 1998 were warning about WMD and Saddam. Link:

Now the Anchoress addresses still more of the disinformation being foisted on the public. Here is her comment.
“Oh, I think it’s definitely time. Let’s do it – let’s impeach President Bush, let’s have all of this brought forward and get it all investigated and put on the real, actual record, instead of in someone’s book of dreams and opinions or in a convenient, “bumperstickeresqe” meme. Let’s get all the tawdry lists and narratives together and finally get them “on the record and testified to.” We can start with the Gore/Behar list:”

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