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One of the most prolific bloggers is The Anchoress. Here’s a take on why she blogs:

My blog is my little world of freedom in which I indulge my own leanings. On my blog I blog about the things that interest me at the particular moment that I am sitting down and writing – whatever grabs my passion, so to speak – and when I write, I hope it is interesting to others as well, but I am writing for myself. I never allow others to dictate to me what I will write, or when. When people ask me why I’m not writing about this scandal or that headline-grabbing bit, or the latest missing blonde girl getting saturation coverage on FOX, the answer is always the same – I write what interests me. Unquote.

Here is an example of Ann Althouse. She blogs a several times a day about what interests her at that particular time. See here

Rick Lee blogs about his photography, usually one or a few pictures of what he did or has done. Rick Lee of “On Location with Rick Lee” has Thursday night as “Because Thursday is Grocery Night” with closeup pictures of vegetables.
My google trends indicate I read Robert Scoble more than any other blog. He writes about the internet and does a video interview for online viewing with movers and shakers and startups on the internet.

Look at my blogroll for other bloggers who I read regularly. My categories gives a hint at the topics I cover.

I blog Sunday Morning Hymn, Apple Inc, Emmitburg water lines, Emmitsburg Govt and what ever else 😉 that interests me. I may be on three blogrolls and 10 readers a day but the idea is to make, what was originally a two word description of a blog, weBlog or blog for short, a diary of random thoughts either private or public.


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