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Did you know that its possible to track over 600 websites for new information by simply signing up for a free google account with google If you already have a google account such as or any other google service you are ready to go as one google signup is all you need for all google services.

Google Reader is by far the biggest and fastest growing RSS subscription service.

If you have broadband, here is a link to a site that has a video of Robert Scoble using google reader to monitor over 600 web sites for new information and the video will help you understand what its all about.


Did you know that the Frederick County Govt website has an RSS subscription service?

Did you know the News Post has RSS for their forums and for all their news stories?

Did you know you can read the FNP before it hits your doorstep by using RSS feeds (subscriptions) on their site? And its free and without advertisements!

Did you know that you can make your own RSS subscription by using Google news and search for a word or phrase that you are interested in.

For example you could put the words “kai hagen” or “Jan gardner” in google news ( just an example Kai 😉
Go to and type the words kai hagen,
click “search news” and then right click on “RSS” on the lower left side of the page and choose “copy link” and add (paste) that resulting link to google reader subscription box. Click on the word “add”. Every new hit on the phrase “kai hagen” or “jan gardner” would be delivered to you automatically in reader without going to google to search.

Below is the resulting “kai hagen” RSS feed to subscribe to in google reader: On the google reader page, just click “add subscription” and then copy and paste the link below in the subscription box, click on “add” and you have your first subscription!!

I use the words Thurmont, Emmitsburg, Taneytown, Gettysburg, Brunswick, Frederick city, Frederick county, as news terms in Google News and copy and paste the resulting RSS link into google reader subscription box and I get a “river of news” about all mentions of those towns anywhere in the world!

The best use of google reader personally is using the RSS feeds of blogs (weB logs) to monitor for new posts (articles) on that blog without having to go to that blog site each time I want to check. The blog is checked automatically for me.
Here is an example of a blog to monitor

Google Reader just try it! Its easy.

For more information my email contactify account is:

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