You go Girl; La Shawn Barber

June 4, 2007 at 7:39 am | Posted in Hold that line!, Laying it the line ;-), One-liner, Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Here is an exerpt of a post by La Shawn Barber (who is black)

(Quote) It’s a shame that the government has to take up the slack for so many slack black men and women who have little regard for getting marriage and creating a home before having babies.

It’s embarrassing that black people insist on blaming third parties for every conceivable problem in their lives when everything that’s happened to them has been the result of their own foolish choices and dumb decisions.

They seem ignorant of the harm they’re causing their own children, yet they’re highly aware of the harm others might be causing them.

My stance against such slothfulness and immorality has hardened since I started this blog. Three out of four black babies in this country are born into illegitimacy, which (unquote)
read link to the rest here

What she is saying could also be said about any family that; due to divorce, having a lifetime fiance, (which is a euphemism for shacking up), or other reasons for single parenthood, causes untold harm to children and families. Her idea of getting a license to have a baby while farfetched is a notion that family responsibilities begins with the thesis of the film “Knocked Up” which has just been released.

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