December Managers Reprot

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Town Manager’s ReportDecember  2007

Prepared by David Haller


  • Staff  plowed snow and treated streets

  • Staff has repaired a number of street lights

  • Staff inspected all street lights on Ramblewood Drive


  • Rainbow Lake is now 2.0 feet below the spillway and our five wells appear to be recovering

  • The roughing filters are now being backwashed three times per day and the DE filters are being done once per week

  • The existing water use restrictions which prohibit all outdoor water use are showing showing some results, daily consumption has dropped over the last two months

  • Water production and consumption.  We produced and purchased an average of 342,790 gpd.  We consumed an average of 295,877 gpd (up 21,809 gpd or 87 taps over November 2007)  

    • The difference is “Backwash Water” …(13.7%).   We purchased 515,800 gals. of water from MSM this month.

    • 52.7%      of this water came from wells 

    •  4.8%      of this water came from Mt. St. Mary’s

    • 42.5%      of this water came from Rainbow Lake 


  • Staff shut-down the overland treatment system in mid December for the season

  • We received about 5.1 inches of precipitation this month (the average is 3.3 inches)

    • We have a deficit of 2.3″ of  precipitation over the last six months.  The average precipitation for the period from July 1 thru  December 31 is 22.1″ and we have received 19.8″ for that period. 

  • Wastewater Treatment:

    • We treated an average of 682,000 gpd (consumed 295,877 gpd) which means that 43.4% of the wastewater treated this month was “wild water”.   

    • We experienced no spills of untreated sewerage during the month of December

    • We exceeded the plant’s design capacity seven days during the month of December

    12/2        935,000 gpd    12/9  892,000 gpd    12/15  1,285.000 gpd             

    12/16   2,169,000 gpd    12/17 860,000 gpd   12/30   1,183,000 gpd

    12/31   1,062,000 gpd      


  • Trash pickup will remain Monday and Thursday for the Month of January, 2008


  • Staff made all standard checks and emptied trash cans

  • Staff supervised the installation of the concrete slab for the new pavilion at the swimming pool

Meetings Attended:

  • 12/04 meeting with the Town’s After School Program staff to review and discuss program operations

  • 12/05 meeting with Mayor Hoover, Commissioner Blanchard and Chris Jakubiak to review and discuss the Planning Commission’s Comp Plan update efforts and needs

  • 12/14 meeting Frederick County Planning Staff to review new water allocation plan requirements

  • 12/19 meeting with land owner to discuss his commercial subdivision and related issues

  • 12/20 met with staff and design engineers to review East Lincoln Ave. water and sanitary sewer rehab project



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  1. Glad to see you blogging my friend

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