Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) rocks!!

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April April April I apologize. I just noticed yesterday that the cobra head is there!! Thank you so much for all your help. 🙂 including asking McDonalds . Yaaaa.

On Mar 2, 2007, at 1:47 PM, April Stitt wrote:

Mr. Martin,

As a follow-up to your email we have relayed your concerns to both the manager at the Emmitsburg McDonald’s and also the company which holds ownership. They are providing the information to their district manager for that region. Although the SHA cannot require McDonald’s to adjust their lights we have encouraged them to consider doing so.

We also replaced the cobra head style light at the intersection to a full cut-off fixture per your request. This was completed on February 28th.

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 301-624-8145, 1-800-635-5119, or by email.

April Stitt

From: Dave Martin
Sent: Monday, February 26, 2007 4:30 PM
To: April Stitt
Cc: John Concannon; Mark Crampton; Dave Coyne; Catherine Forrence
Subject: Re: MD 140 at Silo Hill and US 15 at Welty

Ms. Stitt,

Thank you for your response. 😉

1. I am so glad that you are planning to pave Northbound US 15. It really is getting rough and undulating.
And the lengthening of the deceleration ramp at Welty Road can be accomplished at that time. Two thumbs up!!

BTW there are other potential ramp lengthening that needs to be studied and perhaps corrected also on this segment of US 15 when repaving takes place.

2. As an older driver I DO find the lights coming from McDonalds parking lot to be blinding as I approach the bridge from the East over US 15. All you need to do is write a letter to McDonalds asking them nicely to aim their lights down onto their parking area not shining in the eyes of approaching motorists.
It should take only a few minutes to change the angle of the two lights to an acute angle of about 10 degrees from its present 45 degrees.
There must be some law as to lights blinding motorists from adjacent businesses?

3. The sodium vapor overhead light at Silo Hill is ALSO blinding to an older drivers eyes; causing a dazzling, blinding effect.
If the light were changed to a cobra head then the intersection roadway will be illuminated (where it is needed) and the present light illuminating the surroundings, in a spherical pattern including lighting up the sky (where it becomes light pollution) will be eliminated.

Seems like a simple fix since SHA has, as a matter of policy, been changing all the old “light up the sky” mercury lights to cobra head lights , such as the change made five or ten years ago on North Seton at US 15 intersection. Also Neil Parrott was able to get an additional cobra head light installed to better illuminate the exit ramp for US 15 south at North Seton.

Again thank you so much for taking the time to examine my concerns.

On Feb 26, 2007, at 2:52 PM, April Stitt wrote:

Mr. Martin,

This is a follow-up to John Concannon’s previous email regarding traffic operations on MD 140 at Silo Hill Road, and US 15 at Welty Road in Emmitsburg, Frederick County. Mr. Concannon asked that I reply to you on his behalf. The SHA has reviewed these locations and following are the findings and recommendations.

The Intersection Control Beacon on MD 140 at Silo Hill Road was recently converted to a full color signal and our review was conducted after this modification was completed. The parking lot lighting at the McDonalds was reviewed in conjunction with the new traffic signal and found to not interfere with the signal head display, or the advance overhead warning sign and beacons, as drivers approach the intersection from the east. The intersection lighting on MD 140 at Silo Hill Road was also found to meet current standards. No changes are proposed at this time.

The deceleration lane on northbound US 15 at Welty Road will be lengthened to approximately 1,000′ as a part of a future resurfacing project planned for this area. The design of this project is expected to be complete this spring, however construction funding has not been programmed at this time.

Thank you, again, for your interest in this matter of traffic control and safety. If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 301-624-8145, 1-800-635-5119, or by email.

April Stitt

April Stitt
Transportation Engineer
District 7 – Traffic
Maryland State Highway Administration
5111 Buckeystown Pike
Frederick MD 21704

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Here is a nice animation of a roundabout in action. Just like the roundabout that is needed at the Silo Hill intersection.
Update: Here is another roundabout information website.

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