Mac and (we don’t do)Windows

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Bob and other readers of the PC Mac forum on
Great advice and yes so many stories of PC (windows) users switching and are very happy they did.
Of course now if they want to they can use Parallels on the Mac to switch back to XP or now even Vista but as I read yesterday someone said “but why would they want to do that?” Maybe to play a game. “If you have work to do get a Mac, if you want to play get a PC”

I have opened an Apple store account and have used it to buy my 2 macs since OS X became standard. Yes they charge “list” but the “mother ship” has great service. and are two apple sites to check out also.

Yes email the other members listed on the info page of They have great ideas and help.

If you come early to the FAC meeting April 14th you can get help and advice. Also the meeting is a “celebration” of the 30th Anniversary of Apple Computer incorporation (April 1, 1977) with vintage apple products on display. Fun!! I wish I had kept my Apple 2C and my Apple IIe and my Mac Plus and my Mac SE and my SE 30 …… oh well my wife said “clean up” and I am glad I did except for occasions like this meeting.

You may email me at oj dot martin at yahoo dot com for answers to your questions or if I can’t email some other FAC members.

Yahoo is my newest web email address and my first use of Yahoo email and I would am trying it out as Yahoo is trying some new uses for email account holders and developers.

This just in: has a great article on various browsers for the Mac.


Blogging Mayor of Roundlake

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Various tidbits:

1. Blogging Mayor Bill Gentes of Roundlake sent me this power point slide show (link below) about blogging and public officials.

2. Yahoo just announced free unlimited email storage coming soon.

3. The best photo site IMO is which requires a yahoo account. See and click on the word “map” to see the geo location of the photos.

You can post photos for free up to a limit and then buy a pro account if you need more storage.

4. Open Office is a free Microsoft Office replacement. Open Office Files are interchangeable with Microsoft Office.

5. NeoOffice is Macintosh optimized Open Office and free and a new version is out and files are compatible, interchangeable files with Microsoft Office.

6. If you want to see an impassioned discussions, all related to Frederick County issues go to

to sign up using your real name. See what Mayor Burns of Thurmont is writing.

Frederick County Commissioners step toe in the 21st Century

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Commissioner Hagen;
Wow, thank you for getting webcasts going:-). I suggested this in an email to the the former (and present commissioners remaining) probably a year ago when the cable franchise was being discussed. Also Emmitsburg has a $30,000 system that only broadcasts to cable subscribers; which by the way is going down as satellite dishes proliferate. Perhaps this service should be offered to all municipalities streaming to Frederick county’s server over EDVO (as is doing) and have the same live stream as Frederick will have.
I also suggested that perhaps CEO Charley Ergen of Dish network might be able to offer Frederick county space on one of their satellites to fulfill their public service obligations. They can narrowcast to certain zip codes and black out the rest of the country. Same goes for Direct TV.
Also it seems to me that when and if Comcast is allowed to wire (fiber) the county so should AT&T and Verizon FIOS be allowed to wire simultaneously.
Or WI MAX and Broadband over Power lines should be allowed also just as broadband over telephone wires now.
Also any county franchise should require that any county resident who request service from anywhere in the county should be served by some means. Otherwise the franchisees will just “cherry pick” the easiest to serve and leave the rest of the county residents unserved.

A (convenient) Truth

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Here is a link outlining the Gore theory that study is over and no more science is needed about global warming.

Apple Mac Newbie Hints

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Originally I was very excited to use Firefox. I would tell every Internet Explorer user to change immediately as firefox was so much better. Clean simple and it had tabs which IE only added recently after a 5 year development upgrade from IE 6 to IE 7.

Safari has spell check in the menu bar select (click) “edit” drop down to “spelling” and then choose from the three options. I like ‘check spelling as you type’ which underlines in red the word mispeled 😉

For just starting to get acquainted with a mac I suggest trying out the mac just as it came out of the box.

Here are two hints for using a scroll mouse. 1. Right click on some word that is misspelled and up pops possible spellings. I now am so spoiled by right clicking on almost anything for spelling that my brain spelling is getting rusty! Right clicking also brings up all kinds of commands that provide shortcuts to useful actions. When in doubt right click on it.

2. If you have “older eyes” try this: hold down the ‘control’ key and operate the scroll wheel on the mouse forward and back. Enjoy!

Bonus: You want the definition of a word. Hover the mouse cursor over the word; then hold down the ‘control’ key and the cmd key AT THE SAME TIME keeping them both pressed down then press and let go the ‘D’ key and up will pop the definition!!

Bounus number 2: This is neat; keeping the cmd and control key down and moving the cursor over the words in what you are reading and each definition will pop up as you move the mouse cursor over each word.

Sunday Morning Hymn

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Two weeks ago the hymn was titled “How can we name a love” to the tune “This is my Fathers World” I had never noticed this song in the Hymn book before.

One of the stanzas (Brian Wren) wrote :

How can we name a love.. that weakness heart and mind
in dwelling all we know or think or do or seek or find
within our daily world… in every human face
loves echos sound and God is found
hid in the common place

Savor the common place for we never know the time or place…..

Sago and Buckhannon WV

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Having visited Buckhannon last week I to can attest to the contents of this article written in the Cumberland Times by a columnist who lived near where I was born and grew up. I passed the Sago Road several times (thousands?) as I grew and went to 16 years of schooling plus 5 years teaching in Gassaway WV before moving to Frederick County Maryland in 1966.
So now all I have to do to tell someone where I am originally from I just say Sago, and they know!

I too experience the contents of the following quote everytime I visit my Mother in Buckhannon.

Mountaineers are known for their hospitality, their friendliness and their willingness to help others. Buckhannon was where I learned the true meaning of courtesy. I thought it an anomaly, the first time the car in front of me stopped and its driver waved out into traffic another driver who was waiting patiently on a side street. But then it happened again, and again.

It was a way of life. When traffic was at its worst, drivers would always take a few seconds and perform this kindness.

I’ve tried to carry it away with me, to all the places I’ve been since then, but I don’t always do a very good job. But when I do, I think of Buckhannon.

Also I believe what the author says in the article that Mountaineers are only separated by 2 or 3 degrees of separation due to the small population. (No WV jokes please 😉

When WV natives meet they have a knowing look as if a member of a secret society, a contented feeling of comradeship of having the same roots that grounded you in a way that continues within you no matter where you go or what you become.

Emmitsburg Lions Health Screening Event

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The Emmitsburg Lions held their annual Health Screening event (formerly called Health Fair)at Mother Seton School , Saturday March 24, 2007. Preregistrations alone exceeded 220 participants for the Multiphasic Blood Screening provided by the Gettysburg PA Hospital. Many compliments were received by the Lions and thanks was given for the service that the Lions Club provides to the greater Emmitsburg community.
Bill Hartman of the Emmitsburg Ambulance Corp provided blood pressure screening, Lion Jim Hahn vision screening, Lion President Joe Ritz, pre-school screening, Teresa (nee) Davis provided osteoporesus(sp) screening

Emmitsburg Town Meeting

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March 19 2007
The town managers report for the month of February 2007.
The towns water plant produced and bought from Mt. St Marys 348,069 GPD. Of that total only 325,399 GPD was delivered to the towns customers. Backwash water for the filters consumed 6.5% of the total produced and purchased.
The towns maximum water treatment capacity is 432,000 GPD.
The wastewater plant treated 429,000 GPD and the consumption was 325,399 GPD or 24% was “Wildwater” or inflitration and inflow into the sewer system from outside sources.

There were no raw sewerage spills in the month and the sewer plants design capacity was exceeded on three days. The design capacity is 800,000 GPD.

The Police report included the special enforcement inspection of trucks through Emmitsburg . Later in the meeting Catherine Forrence was lauded for her efforts to encourage SHA to inspect trucks passing through Main Street Emmitsburg. It was also suggested that the Town become more involved with SHA and traffic through Emmitsburg.

Agenda items included a formal presentation of the Town audit for FY 2006 ending June 30, 2006 by Michelle Mills of Draper & McGinley.

The Mayor asked for and the Commissioners approved several budget transfers in FY 2007 budget line items.

The towns snow removal policy was again discussed and remanded to the Streets Committe for study tonight March 20, 2007. The most contentious item is whether all streets in Emmitsburg be snow emergency/ no parking streets when snow falls as it was a year ago or to remain the same as it is now or to modify this years snow removal policy.


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My uncle died last Thursday and his ululgy included this poem High Flight.

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