The Anchoress can write!

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The Anchoress has comments on the Clintons.


Public disclosures of W 2

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The state of WV has just released the names and the amount of W2 salary for 2006.
Emmitsburg should do the same!!!

Vista article in Forbes

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This is a review of Vista from Microsoft that was just released.

From the review “Windows Vista: more than five years in the making, more than 50 million lines of code. The result? A vista slightly more inspiring than the one over the town dump. The new slogan is: “The ‘Wow’ Starts Now,” and Microsoft touts new features, many filched shamelessly from Apple’s Macintosh. But as with every previous version, there’s no wow here, not even in ironic quotes. Vista is at best mildly annoying and at worst makes you want to rush to Redmond, Wash. and rip somebody’s liver out.”

Libraries are for…….

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13 Ways of looking at a public library link.

With indebtedness to the research team and only marginal similarity to Wallace Stevens’s work. The list below is a tour de force of what a public library is, was, and is in the process of becoming–for communities across the United States:

Technology center: Provides access to all forms of technology and software that people may not otherwise have access to, making the library relevant in the 21st Century.
A resource for small businesses: Provides all the resources a small business would need – including free private office space, computers with internet access, phone, copier, scanner, and fax machine. It would also provide access to online databases like ABI Inform as well as other business related resources like books about finances, marketing, etc.
Workforce training center: Provides instructor-led classes on entrepreneurship, presentation skills, computer skills, sales generation, financial planning, marketing and other business related topics in order to improve the workplace skills and marketability of community members.
Source of all government forms/applications: Acts as a one-stop-shop for all government forms as well as provides resources and advice about filling out the forms and submitting them.
Resource for job seeking: Provides resources and consultation for resume writing and interview skills to aid community members in their job hunt. In addition, it provides free Internet access for searching online job seeking services like and
Resource for tax preparation: Provides tax forms, access to tax preparation resources and step by step guidance during tax season.
Health Resource center: Acts as a health information resource by providing the most up-to-date health and medical information, flu shots and other vaccinations, health insurance and Medicare information and advice.
Teen center: Provides a safe place for teens to gather outside of school, get help with school work, and have access to the Internet and computer games.
A community center: Serves as a community center that provides free meeting space to hold group meetings, attend/host special events or spend time socializing with friends.
Immigration center: Provides a place where immigrants have access to government forms, books and other information resources in languages other than English. It also provides literacy classes and other English as a second language (ESL) courses to help immigrants adapt to the community.
Music and art center: Acts as a cultural center where community members can come to learn about different types of music and art through books and other resources, but can also create and display their own art and perform their own music.
Research Center: Provides access to information on a wider variety of topics than you can find anywhere else through its online databases, reference materials, and the expertise of librarians.
Social center: Offers a café and lounge-like atmosphere for people to gather and socialize.
Of course, I’m not saying that every public library should be all of these things–but it’s a nice consolidated list of many, many of the aspirations we’ve heard/felt/thought/seen, for public libraries in this country. Looking through this list, it feels like a little bit of paradise. (If only there was a beach or swimming pool–but I am sure that will come in PL 2.0.)

Why do you need RSS?

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By Sue Polinsky

Some of the best RSS readers are Google Reader and Netnewswire Lite

Signs in Emmitsburg

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Hi. Some ideas for the P & Z

1. I think that lighted Coke and Pepsi machines (and similar) violate all sign ordinances that the town has. They are lighted, they are huge. They are unregulated signage. What would keep a business owner or home owner from placing a Coke machine on the sidewalk (their sidewalk?)and then replace the front of the Coke machine with their own sign? Nothing!! I checked with Nevin Topper at Coke in Frederick and he said they have made modifications of the signage as requested by some entities.
Also the business owner could buy a surplus Coke machine, replace the coke sign with their sign and be perfectly legal.

2. Air rights over sidewalks? If the town continues to say that the SHA has dominion from curb to curb on Main Street and the property owner has been ceded by the town the care and maintenance of the sidewalk in front of their property then I believe air rights over sidewalks is legal and in fact several examples of balcony’s and even living space such as Reckleys Plumbing exist. Is this a problem to be resolved by P and Z? Will main street property owners begin to make Emmitsburg’s Main Street look like New Orleans French Quarter streetscape?
I know of at least two balconies torn down . One next to the Methodist Church on the right and one over the old movie theater sidewalk.

3. What rights do newspapers enjoy as to placement of their “for profit newspaper boxes” advertisement on town property or in front of homes? I do not believe that selling newspapers is a right to place advertising boxes to sell newspapers any place that they so desire. Can every homeowner on main street place a newspaper box, a real estate box etc on the sidewalk in front of their home?

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